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What exactly is Home Automation? Many vendors may have you believe that it is a way of setting lighting scenes and starting your media player at the touch of a button, or maybe provide you with remote access to your thermostat so that you can turn up the heating before you get home, or perhaps provide you with an alert if someone breaks into your house. The fact is that these are just minor and rather ‘dumb’ examples of what is actually possible with the right system. Home automation

Most so called home automation systems these days are really glorified remote controls. Whilst they can still be useful and lots of fun too, they pretty much rely on YOU the human being to act as the brain. Also they tend to be poorly integrated – often relying on a specialist to try and shoehorn different technologies from different vendors into one user interface. Any attempt to create more complex interactions beyond the basics or make later changes tends to get very costly – if indeed possible at all.

However, our construction and building department supplied and installed IDRATEK home automation system directly from the UK manufacturer, on the other hand is quite different in that it did not originate from some isolated field of technology such as lighting, heating or security, but was designed right from the start to be a fully integrated Home Automation system – with much emphasis on the words ‘integrated’ and  ‘automation’..

Because of its high level of integration and the ease with which it can co-ordinate and make use of numerous sensors and appliances, there emerges an ability to deliver more intelligent automation where in fact the user needs to interact less with the system rather than spend their time constantly at the controls. Also it makes the task of getting complex systems up and running and any later changes much easier for the installer and even accessible to the average user.

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So what can an IDRATEK home automation system do? Some broad features are listed below, but because of its immense flexibility the home automation system can and usually does get utilised for many other detailed functions – often quite different from one property to the next. The system excels at home environments (because that is where its intelligent features make it so much different to others), but it can equally be effective for other structures which might for example take advantage of its intensive data logging capabilities, its ability to co-ordinate a large number of devices with ease, and the comprehensive remote access features.

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Some of the most popular IDRATEK Home Automation solutions:

  • assisted living support in a residential private environment
  • assisted living support in the commercial property environment
  • energy efficiency improvement projects in private and commercial environments
  • full control of property services via web and/or mobile services
  • automation system awareness of a human presence and activity related home automation system functions
  • security