Property Investment is about Property Development

We are to help by managing your property development

You may want to convert a house into flats, build on an empty plot of land, add an extension or simply renovate an old building.

Our role at Hansen&Co(UK)Ltd is to help you arrive at the right investment decision, and then to ensure that your plans are supported by a comprehensive plan to minimise future risk to your investment.

Property Investment Management service at Hansen&Co(UK)Ltd offers a highly personalised project delivery, from project inception and design to build, certification of the delivered project and after service cover and guarantee. Thus, one of the biggest values to a client comes from our all inclusive service package delivery, meaning you get all consultancy and construction services under one roof and one contract, protecting yourself from the consultancy advise alone not matching the real market construction conditions, and, thus, this way reducing the risk of unexpected real build costs. To avoid those risks, while sourcing the consultancy and construction independently, we would strongly advise to make sure the third party consultancy only service bears the full professional indemnity against the misleading market advise in terms of cost and other risks. However, at Hansen&Co(UK)Ltd Construction Company you have a peace of mind of what is advised will be built under the same contract. For our consultancy services please go to Construction Project Management and for our construction service delivery to Construction and Building page.

Before you invest:

a) we are available to provide feasibility advice and a detailed cost assessment to ensure that your figures add up;

b) some clients use us for specific elements of the project. Others ask us to run the entire development for them, from preparation of designs, specification obtainment of statutory consents and project management;

c) our focus is always on value – and keeping you constantly informed as to the real returns you can expect to make.



We have developed a service tailored to use by entities preferring to effectively analyse the feasibility of prospective developments. Our construction design knowledge base allows us to advise on matters such as planning risks, design requirements and buildability, financial viability and exit strategies.

We have contacts with big ticket investors, designers and planning specialists who can help you to match your requirements and lead you to your prospect coming true. With our funders and clients, we are able to turn ideas into great development opportunities. In recent years, we have been offering this service more and more to assist in the completion of distressed and dormant projects, and this service is also becoming increasingly attractive to institutions requiring help in disposal of existing land and partially built assets.


For our extensive property project management services please visit our Construction Project Management webpage.

We are very well versed to advise you on the property investment real options given we carry out the property turn around, planning and construction, for our clients on the daily basis. Our property advise comes from the hands-on experience while giving you the real options. We are not just about the theoretical and paper surveys, we can tell you what can be built, how, how much for and how much the market will value with the examples.


Our highly proficient team of Cost Consultants are well placed to work towards achieving your targets, and turning the properties in the ever changing market environments into the long lasting profitable assets.

We have the network to work with other members of the construction industry to offer our clients a creative and fully comprehensive residential and commercial building service whilst ensuring each individual project is given our full commitment throughout the process.

The range of services we offer include:
Preliminary Cost and Design Advice
Life Cycle Costing and Cash Flow Projections
Value Engineering
Cost Management and Technical Accounting

For more related services please go to Property Construction and Building Project Management and Property Construction and Building.

Property development in London Property development managers in London, serving property development London market, focusing on the high end central London property developments, refurbishments, new build and conversions of property developments. Property developments of Central London is our prime speciality and our property development skills are extremely versed to provide you with the highly efficient Property Developer Service. If you are thinking of building or constructing the central London property for the property development purpose, the property development's result may be greatly enhanced by our Property Developer service department help.