Building Company Hansen&Co(UK)Ltd Assurances and Accreditations

‘The assurance of trust is worthless unless someone is saying something good and aloud about you.’

J Stanius

Our Buiding Services are assured

In real world it is not enough to say someone else’s words said about you, thus we went further in assuring you and we have been checked and tested of our construction quality assurance capabilities and qualities by the national trade bodies.

You may have seen and heard of newly mushroomed building quote websites that are promising to provide you with the free building quote. However little assurance is given about their skills and all is hinged on the feedback comments alone. So if you tried to establish yourself as a builder on one of those websites, you will find to post the job, reply to it and leave the feedback comment is a no brainer and there is no one even to phone and talk to on those websites about your queries or concerns. The feedback genuinity on those client and builder virtual meeting websites becomes very blurry to say the least. Thus, our suggestion is to steer away from those websites and better rely on the old and trusted means of decision making, the word of mouth or go onto the well established trade body websites and check the company memberships there.

We understand the third party thorough, genuine and manned verification of the Construction Company, where you can speak to someone real, does the great credibility checking legwork for you, saving your time and money. We put our building company trust and quality assurance work into the hands of the long and well established third party impartial Construction Industry Bodies that you can actually speak to and even get an advise from. For our high standard works and professionalism, we have so far achieved the quality accreditations from:

  • Federation of Master Builders

  • TrustATrader

  • Chartered Institute of Building

(Jonas Stanius construction professional accreditation and while CIOB website is undergoing refinements, to verify the membership please call + 44 (0) 1344 630 706)

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