Building Service Certificates

by / Sunday, 10 November 2013 / Published in Greater service delivery in building and construction

Regulatory building service work fall under the regulatory authority inspection

All major works in the building service fall under the regulatory inspection onus

By referring to works as major, those entail the structural, steel or masonry, property overall weatherproofing and service works. Otherwise, one may define all works are subject to the regulation unless those are decorative and interior.

For example, if one decides to replace the sanitaryware in the bathroom whilst keeping the basin, toilet pan and other units in same position, those works would not amount to the regulatory works and would not necessitate the inspections.

The building service work inspection is being carried out either by the local borough building control inspectors or by private company ones. When you have two options of the building service inspector, one may wonder which to use, private or council building inspector. From our opinion, the building service inspector quality varies and is irrelevant of the whether it is private or council building inspector. In our experience we witnessed the private inspector was as surface scratching as the council whist met some private as well as council inspector that were extremely meticulous about their buiding service inspection responsibilities and were going above and beyond the set quality standards.

The truth is that with most private inspectors the main framework work would always be carried out satisfactorily whilst the council building inspectors would on more occasions be interested in the smaller details, though not making critical structure build difference, albeit being able to impose some smaller and practical solution upon the builder. The latter does result in the higher building service client satisfaction. However when it comes to the inspection lead times and flexibility on the building solution acceptance in practise, the private inspector is more capable and feels authoritative to think outside the box to help the client and building service provider to achieve the completion  in the most efficient manner. e.g. the council inpsector are not as well versed on the building material choices as are private inspectors.

The final choice is with you though we would strongly advise to use the private well versed and means tested inspectors over the council.

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