Construction and Building

We are geared for the customary solutions and that’s what makes us different.

Once you have the full planning permission and party wall agreements in place, you are fully ready to start the build. Alternatively, should no other stakeholder permissions apply, it is enough for you to have at least the planning permission and we will arrange the structural design for you within our build commitment. We have all the necessary skills and experience required to handle your entire project. All of our builders and tradesmen are directly employed and project managed by us and are fully registered and insured.

Though it may sound like little project management is needed in the build alone, be aware you need a lot of it. If you got no efficient building skills and knowledge of every trade and full time to manage the build, it will become very costly and stressful if you try.

If you already have all the design plans in place we are in the position to provide a full specification of works and fixed price quotation within 10 working days.


In brief, the build process is described below:

Before work begins

Once the specification has been finalised down to the last light fitting and power socket in writing, the price will be fixed and agreed upon. The Federation of Master Builders based plain English  contract which is clear and unambiguous will be signed by both parties. The contract will state the following:

» When the build will start

» How long the build will take

» How long the works are warranted for

» Payment terms

Whilst work is in progress

» We will brief you regularly on progress

» If there are unavoidable problems or delays you will be informed of these as early as possible

» If there are changes to the work specified or extra costs, these will be mutually confirmed in writing and agreed with you before such work begins

» Hansen&Co employees will at all times treat you and your property with respect and ensure that the working site remains a safe and healthy environment

When the work is complete

» We will leave the site clean and tidy and ready for use

» Any relevant instructions and guarantees will be handed over to you and you will be properly briefed about any relevant maintenance issues

» A convenient to you time will be arranged for us to return and complete any minor defects which may have arisen during the warranted period

» We will liaise with the local authority Building Control department to issue you with the completion certificate


Due to our focus on the medium to big projects, unfortunately, we do not carry out planned or unplanned stand alone maintenance contracts and partial refurbishment works, unless it part of our main build contract.