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Adding a house extension to your home is a very good idea and straightforward value creation you may recoup in your increased property value. If you have not yet extended your house to the back or side, why not go ahead, it will certainly give you more space to move around your home, will most probably double the kitchen or living room and also increase the total value of your property, should you sell or let in the future. As of 2008 October 1st the House Extension planning laws stated that an extension being added to your property would no longer require planning permission, subject to the certain planning stipulations and conditions. House Quality Extension Builder

In addition to the above relaxed from planning house extension regulation rights to build your house extension without the planning consents, as of 2013 May 9th there are even further relaxed rights to extend even more, allowing to build the house extension extending to the back instead of the normally allowed 3m to go to 6m and where was prior allowed to extend to 4m now is allowed 8m. Please be aware this free from planning extension building law is to end or is subject to the revision in 2016 May. You may view the latest free from planning rights on the home extension size via this House Extension size advisory link. Home Extension sleek lines

Your new built house extension can serve more purposes than just a kitchen or living room, whilst depending on the existing property layout, the new home extension may as well be your children play room, increased dining area, home office or in some case additional bathroom or shower room. Either way, your new house extension will surely give you more comfort to enjoy your house to the full, thus choose extend, do not move.

The new house extension may be for you a great solution from the stressful move and leaving your favoured area. Finally, by building the home extension in the thought out way and with the help of the quality building company, it will result in the spectacular additional space creation you will be able to get the premium for when it comes to the sale or rent in the future.

Please view the Home Extension Permitted Development Rights if you prefer to build without the long wait of the house extension planning permission, subject to the single family dwellings only.