Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions

Loft Conversion in London

Turning non-habitable loft space into prime high value living

In London a loft conversion is still one of the most common residential developments. You may recoup your investment into the loft conversion instantly in the adequatly appreciated property end value and can add a whole new look to your property instantly. It is worth  also mentioning the loft conversion is the lowest cost per square area investment for gaining that extra Loft Conversion space in your current property. So if you are short of space, it would be the first recommended option to choose instead of the moving or going with the extension or basement conversion, while the latter is the most expensive per square area.

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The loft conversion can be anything you choose, the home office, guest bedroom, children room or the Loft Conversion master bedroom with en-suite shower room as is the most common case with the loft conversions taking place in London.

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It is useful to know the loft conversion is normally carried out with the least disruption to your everyday life too. You may have the loft conversion done whilst living in the property but in most of the cases the first floor would still be affected due to the ceiling structural elements needing changes.

When you weigh up the options of what is best for you, please contact us and drop us a line via our Contact Building Company webpage and we will be happy to help in your decision making, whether it is the Loft Conversion or any other project.

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development normally involves the structural works as well as does the Loft Conversion. Please do not risk by choosing the building company on the quote figures alone, it may the most risky way to choose the loft conversion builder. Instead, we would recommend to go by your friends’ word of mouth or listen to the national trade bodies and choose  from their building company register list in your area for the Loft Conversions.

London Loft Conversion

When it comes to the loft conversion or any other structural building work involving activity, the first things to always consider are the planning permission and party wall agreements. In some cases the planning permission can prove to be a long process and even longer may be the party wall agreement. The party wall agreements are needed for you to be able to carry out the structural works to your property whilst your property shares the structural elements with your neighbours. However, you may be pleased to know that the standard Loft Conversions, whereby you do not have any other additional space already extended on your property, for the single family dwellings, would normally fall under the permitted development title and you do not need the planning permission to go ahead with the Loft Conversion. Whether you need the planning permission or not on your Loft Conversion may be a simple task, thus please go Loft Conversion Permitted Development Rights link or drop us a note if you need that extra space gained by the Loft Conversion.

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