Construction service micro machinery in London projects

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Construction service machinery in London projects

Micro construction service machines in London private residential projects

We were looking to acquire the construction machines that would be big enough to replace the non-skilled labour to increase the construction service speed and small enough to fit through the residential house alley ways and even your house doorways and we found them.

Before we started weighing up the machine purchase options – we had faced with the task of digging out and disposing of 200cu.m. of soil from the back of the house garden via 1m width alley way. Herein I am referring to our most recent construction service provision whereby the client wanted to build the two storey guest house / home office / gym of size 8m x 4m, of which the construction portfolio photos are to follow shortly.

As one  would say – you have the machine you have the headache to repair it. However when you need to dig and dispose of 200cu.m. your options become clear – one needs to go for the construction machines or plan spending 10-20 times longer or so to be removing manually the quantity of the soil described above. The latter also results of the grossly extended overall construction service lead times and client building timeframe expectation mismanagement which is a no go. Therefore, despite the possible downtime of the mechanics of the construction service machinery, we chose to opt for the construction service machinery and also find at once the reliable local plant repair agents. This resulted in the shortest down time and fastest speed of construction service whilst relying on the construction plant machinery.

In the end, it resulted in the great construction service benefits to a client  in the light of the shorter lead times and huge benefits to the building service provider, Hansen&Co(UK)Ltd, due to the shorter construction service build times, lower overheads and less HR construction service managerial staff effort managing non-skilled labour.

Look out for our exciting follow up news as to what we have acquired so to make your construction projects to be accomplished in the shortest time and with greatest professionalism.

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