New construction and building service website is now gone live!

by / Thursday, 19 September 2013 / Published in Building Company Hansen&Co website presence building

New Building Service Company website live

Now you can access our new building service website on any electronic device

Welcome to our newly revamped building service website which is to serve you much better now, whilst looking for the professional building service company in London area. We have now paid a great deal of attention to future proof our building service internet presence, so the project galleries are giving a greater indepth look, the blogs are to provide the most up to date construction news at our company, including our service perfectionism and delivery improvements.

While the perfectionism is infinite, we will always keep improving our building services as well as our new website. Having now completely updated our building service website platform, it will now be comfortably accessible via any electronic means.

We would much appreciate your feedback as to the current website interface and browse’ability and how else you would prefer to improve your browsing experience with us.

The new features in our website are numerous. Those entail the building service project portfolio photos and videos interface whereby the photos are bigger and easier to slide.

The new building service project enquiry form has all major enquiry details, building prospective client preferred time to contact and details of the building or construction project. All those building service website constructed improvements are made to make your life easier and making us, the building service provider, aware of your building requirements from the first point of call, what scope of the building project is, what building timeframe is expected and what building design requirement are still to be addressed.

Please find the picture of how our website would look like on the small tablets and mobile phones  whilst browsing our website for all inclusive construction and building service package.

We are looking forward to your feedback and working for you.

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