Property Conversions

House Conversion into Multiple Dwellings, Multiple Dwellings Conversion into House and Office into Dwellings

At Hansen&Co(UK)Ltd we have an ad-hoc and in depth experience of the Property Conversions of houses, flats and offices.

Property conversions tend to be both ways, converting from the multiple dwelling units into single and vice versa.

Whether the property conversion will deliver more bottom line profit by splitting or combining the dwelling units depends on the locality and property character. For how to increase the value return on your property, please consult our Property Investment Management services.

House Conversion into Multiple Dwellings

This type of the property development tends to be cost effective in London zones 3 and onwards. The reason London city is one of the most congested in Europe, normally the local  authorities do not favour the conversion of the single dwelling units into multiple due to the lack of the present amenity space and services. Our company base location and extensive construction experience in South West London, West London and North West London areas, places us in the superior position to advise you and build in those family orientated and having generous common green spaces areas close by to the underground stations. House Conversion into Multiple Dwellings developments are on the rise due to the very facts of shortage of new build plots, buyers being interested in the period conversions rather than moving into the blocks of flats and same time catering to the wider audience on budget. This is a proven formula to achieve the long term profitable portfolio with literally no risks due to the market changes.

When it comes to the property conversion into the greater number of dwellings, all construction works can be carried out by our Hansen&Co(UK)Ltd building company inhouse staff, though mains supply points would normally be catered for by the utility companies and in some extreme circumstances the additional planning consents would be requested by the local planning authority, relating to Planning Law section 106.

Multiple Dwelling Conversion into single House

Over the last decade or so, the shortage of the luxurious and spacious modern single family dwellings in the highly congested London areas being much in demand by the high end flying professionals and other affluent public entities, delivers high premiums for the central London houses and single dwelling conversions altogether. There are still plenty of prospects laying around allowing the maximisation of the property value whilst converting into the single house dwelling from several flats. While the development buy options are still widely available, we would strongly recommend not to go via the auction houses due to the overdemand there. The main criteria for those conversions to work well in the value maximisation is the thorough early evaluation of the prospect by the real construction acumen holding company. Best of all if the advise and construction can be delivered by the same service provider, making sure the construction and consultancy will delivery hand in hand the planned and real results targeted for the property conversion development.

Office into Flats Conversion

After the latest planning changes come into effect from start of 2013, this type of property conversion has allowed for the new opportunities to come into the property development market. Especially, this property conversion brings in huge value increases on some of the most central London offices based in the terraced house type buildings while the grand scale office conversions into the block of flats are also gaining the momentum in the property conversion market.

For our Property Conversion case studies please view samples of Office into Dwellings Property Conversion and Multiple Dwellings into House Conversion.